FUPRE is one of the five Petroleum University in the world. FUPRE aimed to distinguish itself through commitment to learning and internationally renowned, world-class research. These strategies will improve our position in the core areas of research, knowledge transfer, the student experience and internationalisation and help us realise our ambition to be recognised as one of the leading universities in the world.


The University’s dedication to uphold tenaciously the set goal of research excellence and relevance that will:

  • define us as a world-class university
  • offer the best context for excellent teaching
  • ensure that staff committed to first-class teaching and knowledge discovery are attracted to and retained by the University


A varied, accessible and stimulating learning environment enables us to:

  • educate the very best students, regardless of origin or financial need
  • offer a global learning experience


The FUPRE set to define what it means to be an international university. This involves:

  • doing research that addresses global human concerns and social problems
  • attracting dedicated staff and top students from around the world


To support its high calibre research and teaching, the University provides well managed and up to date buildings, equipment and communication networks.

The University is also continually working to improve the quality of life for staff and students through developing and investing in new buildings and facilities.