The College of Science was established to promote the advancement of knowledge and produce graduates who are technopreneurs with concern for the promotion of environmentally friendly Scientific and technological solutions in the practice of their profession.

College of Science is the launching pad and pioneer College for the take-off of the University. From its modest beginning in 2007, the College began with 52 students and a few staff, evolving into an enviable faculty with over 1,115 students, about 100 academics and other administrative, technical and support staff.

The College shares the University’s vision to be the premier international institution with state-of-the-art facilities to provide for the oil & gas and allied sectors, world-class education, training, research, consultancy and extension services.

The College is also involved in the conduct of leading and cutting edge research in key areas of Science and Technology relevant to the oil and gas sectors of the economy.  Our plethora of staff and students have continued to make strong contributions in the three vital pillars of a world class University namely research, teaching and learning, and community service.

Besides, the College has five (5) Departments with eight (8) programmes which include: Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Geology, Geophysics, Environmental Management & Toxicology, Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics. As the foundation for the study of science and technology, the College not only enrol its own students in the aforementioned programmes, but also provide critical support for the College of Technology. Very fundamentally, the College has produced over four hundred and eighty-seven (487) graduates in the various programmes articulated above, who are today making waves and flying the flag of the College and the University globally.

The College had full accreditation of all her programmes. She has an annual lectures flagship that brings scientists, researchers, technocrats and the general public to brain storm on topical issues for the advancement of humanity. 

The College is in the process of setting up Centres and Institutes that would meet the specific needs of the oil & gas and allied sectors of the economy that are within the mandate of the University.Anticipated events includes hosting of conferences and seminars and most importantly the commencement of post graduate programmes in the 2018/2019 academic session.