School of Post Graduate Studies


The senate of the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun at its 35th meeting held on the 3rd of June, 2015 approved the establishment of the School of Postgraduate Studies.


The establishment of a School of Postgraduate Studies for the University aims at providing systematic academic and research programmes, geared towards high level manpower needs of the country and the world and shall have the following objectives:

a)    To develop, encourage and stimulate the growth of Postgraduate programmes in the University and give academic and professional training, leading to the award of Postgraduate degrees/diplomas.
b)    To identify and modernize indigenous technology and their upgrade.
c)    To develop local contents in the oil and gas industry.
d)    To produce agents and catalysts for the effective and economic utilization, exploitation and conservation of our natural, economic and human resources.
e)    To produce socially mature personnel with capability to understanding the use and adaptation of existing technology in the oil and gas sector and also the development of new ones.

In pursuance of the above objectives the school will provide, through instruction and research, deeper understanding of the fundamental principles and hence the acquisition of requisite knowledge to solving of problems.  The students in the Postgraduate School must, therefore be able to show an improvement in their understanding of the basic principles of the acquired knowledge which will be directly related to their intellectual growth and development.  The programme therefore aims at extending mental horizons, producing new orientations and developing a depth of understanding.


The post-graduate programmes  are primarily aimed at developing the appropriate high level manpower required for the overall development of the nation and to produce manpower to fill relevant positions in academic, managerial and leadership positions in the administration of the Nigerian economy.

The programmes also aim at developing the research skills and knowledge necessary for sustainable growth in the chosen areas of specializations.


The Postgraduate School is located in the last floor of the TETfund Building A.

All modalities for the smooth take-off have been put in place and NUCís approval is hopefully been expected and awaited.