Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences

The Department of Earth Sciences was founded in 2007 on the premise that studies in the Earth Sciences are intrinsically related. The Department thus offers two (2) B.Sc. degrees: (i)B. Sc. GEOPHYSICS (ii) B. Sc. GEOLOGY

Academic work started in 2007/2008 session with Dr. Jerry Osokpor as the Coordinator from April 2008 to October 2008. Prof. J. O. Etu-Efeotor was appointed Head of Department in October 2008, and held the position till 2010/2011 session. Dr. D. O. Ogagarue was appointed to head the Department in 2010/2011 session and held the position till 2013/2014 session. Dr. (Mrs.) O. O. Omo-Irabor was appointed to head the Department in 2013/2014 session until 2014/2015 session. Dr. G. I. Alaminiokuma was appionted to head the Department 2014/2015 session and held the position till 2017/2018 session. Dr. (Mrs.) J.E. Emudianughe was appointed to head the Department 2017/2018 session and has being in the position till date.


Our vision is to create and develop competence in practical problem-solving with a view to transforming and maintaining a functional scientific modern society through cutting-edge researches in Geology and Geophysics


Our mission is to train students to acquire the necessary skills required to identify and solve problems in the Oil and Gas industries, Government or other sectors


To provide training appropriate to an excellent career in petroleum industry, mineral exploration and development industries.