FUPRE Centre for Corrosion Research (FCCR) is in the corrosion consultancy business and corrosion training is an integral part of our expertise and strength. Development of competency with regards to  corrosion engineering is a core FCCR’S objective. One way of helping to ensure this, is via a programme of corrosion training designed to give individuals working within the process and production industries and their employers greater confidence in the quality of courses they participate in. FCCR is committed to set standards to facilitate or otherwise provide the best training and development relevant to the corrosion profession and produce the most competent corrosion professionals available.

Industry based corrosion case studies from our corrosion consulting work bring our corrosion courses to life. At FCCR is a team of technical experts who have hands-on experience in managing a variety of corrosion problems and associated environmental risks. Their consulting experience and up-to- date knowledge about the statutes, regulations, standards etc. provide an in-depth technical knowledge to the participants.

If corrosion will impede the smooth running of your operations or increase cost of production, in-house training is a great solution to train a group of employees from design, production, operation, quality assurance, inspection and maintenance, corrosion control and corrosion prevention technology. The content of all corrosion courses can be customized to fit your organization's needs.

There is no minimum or maximum number of participants required for in-house training corrosion courses. We conduct the in-house training corrosion course at your company's premises and at a time convenient to your company. You gain both solid knowledge and real-life practical experiences at FCCR courses.

FCCR is undertaking registration and certification process with Professional Bodies such as National association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), Institute of Corrosion, etc.

Successful completion of any of these corrosion courses will help participants prepare for their professional certification examinations organised by professional corrosion organisation such as NACE at the (Corrosion Technician, Corrosion Technologist and Senior Corrosion Technologist levels).


The Vision of FCCR is “to be an outstanding international academic centre in the field of corrosion studies with the state-of-the-art facilities and to provide world-class research and consultancy services for the Oil & Gas Industry”.


To advance the fundamental understanding of electrochemical and microbial corrosion processes in the Oil & Gas Industry in Nigeria
To conduct a focused research for the development to develop cost-effective and environmentally friendly and green solutions for corrosion problems.


The CENTRE has as its philosophy “To promote the advancement of knowledge and produce results in the field of corrosion with special attention to the promotion of environmentally friendly solutions”.

The motto of the FUPRE CENTRE FOR CORROSION RESEARCH is Excellence in Corrosion Research.